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CIOKLUB, India now part of Global Digital Leaders Alliance” (GDLA)

COIKLUB sign a letter of intent with CIONET for the” Global Digital Leaders Alliance” (GDLA) on 27th of June 2016 @ Amsterdam
CIOKLUB will join the alliance of the Digital Leaders Association from China,Europe,Russia, South America and United States
The Global Digital Leader Alliance – to share peer-to-peer knowledge and best-practices on the Global Digital Transition. These organizations are: CIONET International, the China CIO Union, the CIOKLUB, India, the Russian Union of CIO and the Society for Information Management from the United States. Together, these organizations represent well over 20.000 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Digital Leaders from all over the world and represent billions in IT investments.
We live in an era of a Global Digital Transition touching all global markets and organizations. We see new organizations; business models and processes emerge at an increasingly faster speed. The Digital Leaders represented in these networks are responsible for the Digital Transition within their organization. Through collaboration it will be possible to share knowledge, research and best practices from around the globe. We see the Digital Transition taking place around the Globe. Digital Leaders all struggle with the same issues.
It was always CIOKLUB’s aspiration to go global & we are Proud that CIOKLUB has taken the initiative to connect with these global networks.
Watch here for an interview with some of the signing parties:
To celebrate this occasion, the signing parties of the GDLA were invited to open the stock market session of June 27th at Euronext:
We would like to congratulate all the members for this brilliant alliance which is taking us closer to our aspiration of being a global association