Membership Eligibility/Guidelines:

  • Applicant for membership should currently be in the position of CIO/CTO/SVP/EVP/GM or similar position, (Collectively refereed as CIO in this document) He / She should be the senior most IT person at their organization / decision maker for IT (for the chapter region being applied) for the organization irrespective of the size of the organization. The terms of employment may be contractual or permanent.
  • Individual should be in employment at time of applying for new membership. Retired CIOs will not be eligible for new membership.
  • If a CIO retires during their tenure of membership then they can be a member of CIO Klub for further 2 years, provided they have been Paid members for preceding 2 years.
  • Membership will not be given to an individual who is a CIO of their own company
  • CIOs of IT companies will be allowed to be a member as long as they are not in Sales/PreSales side of their organization and/or there is no attempt from their side to solicit business directly through the CIO Klub. These are subject to evaluation and decision by the membership review committee.
  • CIOs of companies who are holding different roles in multiple companies will be allowed to be a member as long they are active in a CIO role in any one company and compliant with the guidelines above.
  • Membership validity is for a period of one year from April to March. Continuity of every existing member is subject to review by Chapter during first two week of April.
  • Any member who has had a change in their employment status, would be subject to review. The following categories of members will not be eligible to continue their membership
    • Members who have not paid the membership renewal fee
    • Members who have moved fully into a non-CIO role or in a vendor company.
    • Members who have retired (see exception above)
    • Members who have moved out of the respective chapter’s region on a relocation. However if the new city has Chapter then membership can get transferred based on member’s request.
    • Paid members who have a change in status as listed above during a financial year, can continue their membership until the end of current membership period.
  • Members who have moved to a new company will need to re-submit their company ID or visiting card at the time of renewal. Updated contact information (Designation, Company Name, Mobile, Official email address) should be filled by members on website or may be sent to as soon as the change occurs to keep the member list up to date and avoid bounced email messages.
  • Only members who have paid the membership fee will be considered a part of the CIOKlub and will be eligible to attend the events and be a part of the official communication groups (Email / Whatsapp).
  • Members who have not attended any events during the course of the year may have their renewal subject to review at the discretion of the chapter council
  • Membership is non-transferrable

Membership DO's and DONT's:


  • Submit your official company details when applying for membership. Applying with personal details only is likely to get your application rejected.
  • Be an active member of CIOKlub group by attending as many events as possible
  • Be an active member in the official WhatsApp groups and contribute your own experiences, insights, knowledge and recommendations to help the community
  • Promote the CIOKlub amongst your own peer network. If you know someone who is not a member and can be eligible for membership, do recommend them to apply and help grow the community
  • Promote the CIOKlub amongst your own partner network when possible and pass on the details of potential event partner to your respective chapter councils
  • Do communicate any change in your status, contact details or company to the CIOKlub Help Desk @


  • Do not solicit business for your company through the CIOKlub forum. CIOs of IT companies, CIOs in multiple roles and CIOs who undergo a change of primary role are restrained from promoting their own business through the club
  • Do not share member contact details to vendors without permission from the member/s
  • On any official communication channels (Email groups, official WhatsApp groups), members are requested to only stick to IT related topics and avoid discussions on politics, religion and controversial topics as well as avoid sending forwards, jokes and memes
  • Avoid discussion of CIOKlub membership and internal issues on WhatsApp groups. Same may be addressed to so that they can be tracked, discussed and resolved.